Div Sertifikasi dan HSC

Halal Science Center

  1. IPB Roles Regarding Halalness
    • Participating in various national and international collaboration symposiums
    • Conducting various analysis and research regarding halalness
    • Involving its staff to assist halal inspection and certification by
      LP POM MUI
    • Establishing Halal Science Centre :
      1. To further support halal inspection and certification
        processes, based on representative laboratory analysis
      2. To develop capacity building in halalness
      3. To establish research collaborations for developing detection methods and providing information regarding haram contaminants/materials, in national and international level
    • The centre is one of division in LT-IPB
      1. Has been adopting and implementing international standard laboratory operating management system (ISO 17025) in product analysis for various clients and researches
      2. Has been conducting various activities regarding halalness
  2. The Expected outcomes of Halal Science Centre Supports for :
    • Halal certification process
    • Establishment of scientist collaborations
    • Increase of activities and suitable scientific atmosphere
    • Enhance human resource development
  3. Activities :
    • Conducting methodology test, development, and standardization in halal studies (the origin of materials, the presence/quantity of haram contaminants, etc.)
    • Establishing collaborative networking (academic, laboratory, and information) with other national and international organization
    • Providing scientific services regarding product halalness to halal certification body anda Islamic organization
    • Developing database regarding halal products, haram contaminants or materials, as well as various Halal cases and their solutions
    • Facilitating academic activities in halal studies for students and communities (scientist, business community, etc.)
    • Providing academic assistance (workshop/course/training) in the implementation of halal quality assurance (Halal-GMP/HACCP) along with other organizations